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Главная » 2018 » Май » 11 » Appeal to foreign adherents of environmental education
Appeal to foreign adherents of environmental education

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I appeal to you, foreigners, because numerous appeals to my compatriots did not give the expected result.

My name is Alexander Zhabskiy. I am an old Russian journalist who gave more than half a century to serving journalism. During my creative cariere I wrote, probably, about everything that is of interest and importance for the whole society and for individuals. Especially I wrote a lot about the problems of environmental protection.

Therefore, after retiring, I created the website ECO.ZNAY (http://ecoznay.ru) for environmental education of people from different countries, because I consider environmental illiteracy a key problem of our time. In fact, this website is an international network resource for environmental education. It uses only Russian language for now, since I do not have the opportunity to publish an English version, but I publish articles, interviews and various information, including a discussive information from different countries in Russian translations. By visiting the website you can make sure that users of all continents read it (see the rotating transparent globe at right). Last year, which was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia, I carried out a significant international educational project. Within the framework of this project, I received interviews from major Russian and foreign environmentalists (http://ecoznay.ru/load), including some of the addressees of this letter.

At the same time, unfortunately, my website exists solely on the meager means of a Russian pensioner who has a monthly pension equal to only $150 – this is that sum, in which my state appreciated my more than half a century of work as a journalist. Alas, I have no savings, because in my lifetime my country has experienced terrible social cataclysms, of which you are well aware.

In order to somehow improve the financial position of my site, I have many, many times appealed to the Russian oligarchs, rich people, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Believe me, I asked for a very modest support, but I did not receive it from anyone. Unfortunately, Russian people are very greedy - they are much more greedy than even the Frenchs, known for their stinginess. A Russian businessman laughs if any business can bring only 3 percent of the profits. He dismisses it, even if the case promises 30 percent of the profits. He agrees to work only if 300 percent of the profits can be received in the end. That's why such a cheap labor and so expensive life in Russia.

For this reason, no one among businessmen ever wanted to support my site for environmental education, The reason is also that environmental issues are still not considered significant in Russia. Everyone who has this opportunity wants to connect to an oil pipe or other sources of fossil fuels for filling their bottomless pockets. Therefore, business as a whole just pronounces the right words about ecology to do pleasure to Putin, but it is deeply hostile to any manifestation of environmentalism in the depths of its soul. In a word, it is useless ask money from Russian business for environmental education of those people whom this business ruthlessly exploits.

In this regard, I would like to ask everyone who reads me to assist in obtaining small annual grants from Western foundations, businesses, universities, etc. Only $1,000 a month would be almost enough to support and even gradually develop my ecological website. Now in Russia it is considered unpatriotic to receive subsidies from abroad, such people are contemptuously called foreign agents. But I'm not afraid of this in my old age. The thing that I do to preserve the biosphere is much more important than any insulting labels. I would write on my website the names of the donors with proud.
Thankful in advance for everyone who would hear me and help to establish contacts with potential donors.

My email address is: zhabskiy@mail.ru.

Alexander Zhabskiy.

St.Petersburg, Russia.

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